Drawing Eyebrows And Mustaches On Babies. Who Can’t Love These Ridiculous Pictures

eybrows drawn on baby

If watching your little rugrats make stupid faces all the time isn’t entertaining enough for you, than draw stupider faces on them. Drawling eyebrows  and mustaches on babies is probably one of the greatest ideas that people have come up with in a long time. Why not find ways to make our babies even more entertaining to be around. even if it’s cheap entertainment. I openly support drawling on innocent kids faces for for my own amusement. click the jump for a few more hilarious images. Read More

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Rocks That Seemingly Defy Reality. You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

 Stones brought to life

Hirotoshi Itoh Is the artist behind these genius creations that I can’t stop looking at.  After graduating from the distinguished Tokyo National University of Fine Arts, Mr. Ito was destined to take over his father’s masonry business in his hometown of Matsumoto City in Nagano Prefecture. He works out of his studio at home, creating his sculptures, while attending his family business. Hirotoshi Ito continues to find new and original ways to create sculptures that people would touch and feel the unexpected softness and the warmth of them. He would be honored if his work would add laughs and smiles to people who come in contact with them.
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FBI Hiring Stoners To Help With The Ongoing Fight Against Hackers

1467286_614198075334563_1555462721_nThe FBI may need to reconsider their no-tolerance approach when it comes to hiring future personnel for their cyber crime department. As it turns out, a lot of the brightest and most talented anti-hacking computer programmers are also very fond of smoking the green on a regular basis. “Duh” where do you think they get their creative reverse-engineering ideas from. Who cares anymore? Keeping some of the most creative minds out there from solving problems because they smoke weed is just ridiculous. I for one say “stick them in front of a computer and light that joint for them if it keeps my facebook account safe. Read More

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23 Sexy Futuristic Fantasies. Amazing Image Renderings And Designs Of Robotic Women. or “Female Mechanoids”

Top Post image sexy botsNo one can deny that women in sci-fi is, and always has been sexy.  And one increasingly popular trend among the graphic design industry over the past few years has been sexy renderings of  women into robotic futuristic fantasies. These are among some of the best I’ve seen So far. Michael Oswald may have had a hand in jump-starting this trend, as his images are some of the best out there  and started appearing virally on the internet about 4 years ago. Enjoy these amazing images by some very talented artists. Click the jump to see the rest

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14 Amazing Banana Skin Tattoos, With Amazing Detail. Biodegradable Art!

Top Post image bananaNeed to find a creative, fun, and inexpensive  way to pass the time? Why not try your artistic hand at banana skin drawing. Most of the time a brown banana is an eye-soar in the fruit bowl, But if grab a needle, razor blade, or tattoo machine you can turn the skin of a banana into an edible canvas.  Read More

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It Took Almost One Year And Over 4000 Pieces Of Scrap Metal To Create This Extraordinary Lion Sculpture. Check It Out

Istanbul artist Selçuk Yılmaz metal lion amazing

Selçuk Yılmaz is a very creative Turkish artist who really commits to making his amazingly intricate ideas come to life. After nearly a year of work and painstakingly cutting, shaping, and tack-welding over 4000 pieces of metal This masterful sculpture has finally been completed. The sculpture is fittingly named  Aslan, which is Turkish for “lion”.  Enjoy the pics Read More

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Fun At The Beach: Sand Drawing Illusions

Top Post image sand art

Looking for a fun and creative way to spend your time on the beach this summer? I thought so. How about trying your hand at 3-d beach illusions. It’s healthier than drinking margaritas, and almost as much fun. These images are part of a series  of 3-D illusions drawn in the beach sand of Mount Maunganui, New Zealand by Constanza Tagini Nightingale, Jamie Harkins, and David Rendu of 3D Sand Drawings. Continue Reading for a few more stellar pics. Read More

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How To Make Any Woman Feel Attraction For You

Top Post image attraction

So, you want to know the truth about how to say the right thing to a woman every single time for the rest of your life?! and how to capture a girl’s interest and attraction in the quickest and most powerful ways possible? READ THIS and it will change everything… Read More

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So Much Color. 15 Amazing Images From Around The Globe

Top Post image landscapesSome of the most beautiful images from all over the place. They say the best things in life are free. However, castles, and Lamborghinis are also pretty cool. Click the Jump to see all the colorful splendedness of planet earth captured by some amazing photographers

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He Knows How To Handle His Balls. Contact Juggling Is Amazing!

Top Post image

Meet Ian Jenson, A man of many talents. One of his talents is called contact juggling which is a form of object manipulation that focuses on the movement of objects such as balls in contact with the body. Although often used in conjunction with “toss juggling”, it differs in that it involves the rolling of one or more objects without releasing them into the air.
Filmed at National Taiwan University 台灣大學 in Taipei, Taiwan. “Read More” for full video of Ian in action Read More

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